By the end of 2018, one of Fabian’s close friend, who is also an admirer of Arnold Schwarzenegger, commissioned a portrait of the great “Terminator”. After the painting was done, Fabian’s friend could not resist to show it to Arnold whom automatically fell in love with the portrait. The actor asked to meet the artist in person. Schwarzenegger liked the portrait and wanted it.

Fabian and his family were invited to Schwarzenegger’s house in Bell Air. The actor kindly welcomed the Perez family on Thanksgiving Day, was so nice with the children and they had a long entertaining talk about art, culture, and business.

“I can’t think about admiring and respecting someone else more than him through all the stages of his career. I have never heard about anyone else being so amazingly successful in every direction that he chose to take from acting to governing the State of California twice. Normally, it would take three or four lives to achieve what he did in one.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger standing next to portrait by Fabian Perez

They continued their relationship and Fabian became a supporter with his art for Arnold’s Charity events. In June of 2019 the artist created an amazing portrait of Abraham Lincoln that was auctioned during the event to raise money for Arnold’s All Stars.

Arnold Schwarzenegger with Fabian Perez at charity event

Arnold Schwarzenegger acrylic portrait

Arnold Schwarzenegger acrylic portrait by Fabian Perez

Arnold Schwarzenegger watercolor portrait

Arnold Schwarzenegger watercolor portrait by Fabian Perez

Abe Lincoln watercolor portrait

Abe Lincoln watercolor portrait by Fabian Perez