By the end of February 2019, one of the biggest, most applauded, where many have begged to see him play, one of the greatest in the world of soccer, a living legend for football lovers, it fulfilled Fabian’s dream to meet him in person, Diego Armando Maradona.


“Who would have imagined when I was younger that after so many moments admiring his goals, the World Cups, his tricks, at some point of my life I would meet Maradona, give him a portrait and get his t-shirt signed for my kids!”


Fabian flew with his family to Sinaloa, Mexico, where the legend was coaching for Los Dorados Soccer Club. Tiago, Perez’s middle son, who loves soccer and plays it since he was 5, celebrated his “10” birthday on the first day they got to meet the “10” at Los Dorados’ training field. Seeing joyous tears on Tiago’s face after the meeting with Diego was Fabian’s joy for the entire trip.


Diego Maradona standing next to portrait by Fabian Perez


Diego Maradona acrylic portrait

Diego Maradona acrylic portrait by Fabian Perez


Diego Maradona ink portrait

Diego Maradona ink portrait by Fabian Perez