In February 2019, Fabian was hosted by one the greatest boxers, Julio César Chávez. Chavez is a Guinness record winner with 90 undefeated fights, listed into the “100 greatest punchers of all time” and of course, included in Fabian’s collection of The Living Legends.

Chávez invited the artist and his family for a delicious traditional Mexican breakfast prepared in his Sinaloa house. The boxer’s driver was supposed to pick us up Perez from the Hotel. Once Fabian and family arrived in the lobby they had the biggest surprise when the very same J.C. Chávez was also there himself waiting for them. It was such an honor for Fabian, Lucy and his kids.

Julio César Chávez standing next to portrait by Fabian Perez

Julio Cesar Chavez portrait

Julio César Chávez portrait by Fabian Perez