A former civil engineer, Macri won the first presidential runoff ballotage in Argentina’s history and became the first democratically-elected, non-Radical or Peronist president since 1916.

Fabian holds Macri in high regard for taking such a difficult challenge, to lead a country like Argentina. Especially being the son of one the wealthiest families of the country, and having been raised with great privilege. A person who could have chosen to do whatever he wanted, in any place in the world, and yet decides to take the reins of a broken and tough country as a challenge.

The official portrait was later presented in The Olivos House, through a private meeting with Macri and the first lady Juliana Awada, on December of 2017.

Mauricio Macri standing next to portrait by Fabian Perez

Maurio Macri portrait

During Fabian’s first visit to the president on July 2017, Fabian took a photoshoot that was then used to create the official Portrait for the President.

The Macri Family Portrait

On the same occasion, a painting of Mauricio Macri and his family was gifted by the artist.

Juliana Awada portrait

First Lady Juliana Awada